The Missing Manual – A Guide for Texas Music Contest Entries

Presentation for Sam Houston State University – October 12, 2016


Entering Texas music contests can be a challenge – very deliberate choices must take place to ensure success for students, teachers, and the program. This cheat sheet is a resource for new-to-Texas and new-to-classroom teachers.

Shortcuts to Key Organizations / Software

What Works For Me…

Make sure that your data is solid before you begin any of these entry processes. Double and triple check the following:

  • Membership Data
    • TMEA – annual membership $50
    • Login with an email address
    • UIL – no membership dues
    • When is your Spring/Fall Meeting? Details about contest deadlines are communicated months in advance – no surprises!
  • Your School Data
    • What classification is your school? 2C, 3C, 4A, 6A
    • What region will you compete in?
    • Band – which track will your students compete in? 5A/6A
  • Student Data
    • Student ID
    • Student Demographics
    • Instrument
    • Dual Certification

Texas Music Educators Association

All-State audition entries are completed here; all audition processes are essentially the same. Simplified instructions:

  • Login to the TMEA website.
  • Divisions & Regions | Vocal | Audition Entry
  • Login as Director
  • Verify your School Information (Classification, Additional Directors, Campus ID)
  • Click on the [View Contests] button
  • Click on the appropriate contest
  • Select the [Enter Students via Web] link to manually type in the information for each student
  • Use the data you collect from students (here is a template) to enter each individual audition entry
  • Print off the form, post on the wall, have students initial to verify
    • Repeat this for at least 3 times – someone is absent, or absent minded…
  • Print your Official Entry Form – make 2 copies
  • Turn in the copies to your school bookkeeper to get a check cut
  • Depending on your region, mail the check or deliver on the day of contest

University Interscholastic League

Four events throughout the school year:

  • Marching (fall)
  • Region Solo / Ensemble (early spring)
  • Concert / Sight-Reading (spring)
  • State Solo /Ensemble (Memorial Day weekend)

Deadlines – generally are 37 days prior to the event, which means the entry should be completed prior – the check must be postmarked by the deadline..


How do we enter? One of two UIL Entry Websites:

Each presents an advantage – one is free, the other is robust.

TexasMusicForms – free, direct connection – manual entry

  • register as a new user
  • click on the form you need:
  • Entries are emailed to the Region Executive Secretary
  • Print your Form 1A – turn in to your bookkeeper, have them send the check with a copy of this form

Charms Music Office – subscription, runs your entire program

  • Create an account – use the trial (30 days) and then purchase subscription. Reduced rates for multiple years/district purchase
  • Login to the site –
  • Make sure that your profile data is correct (remember the info above – classification, region(s), etc)
  • Click on the [Assessment] button – (?@!?)
  • Click on UIL Entries (hey… what about that TMEA button?)
  • Click on the appropriate form – 2, 3, 4/5, 6/7, 8
    • Concert / Sight Reading Form 4
    • Verify each piece on the PML (rules and preparation tangent…)
    • Click on [Show Form and Submit]
    • Print copies of your Form 1A
    • Submit to your bookkeeper

Advanced Techniques

What other technology tools should I know as a first-year teacher?

  • UIL Prescribed Music List
    • Complete list of each selection by instrument/ensemble
    • Search techniques – partial words, composer
    • Export the list – use Excel to data mine the list
  • – Past UIL Results
  • Why should I buy Charms? Can’t I just use Excel?
    • Student Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Library
    • Financial Management
      • by student
      • by account
      • budget
      • booster clubs
    • Eligibility – document your eligibility

When you have questions – who to contact?

  • Mentor teacher – they may have made the same mistake.
  • Region Chair – they have an investment in you not making the mistake in advance of the contest.
  • UIL Executive Secretary – master teachers who also have an investment in you not making a mistake in advance of the contest
  • If you need help – I am glad to answer questions, as well. Many people did the same for me – pay it forward!